About GrayHat Web

Gray Hat Web was founded through the natural progression of a hosted sitebuilder websites company founded in 2007 on a journey to provide the best web design and development services. We adopted our brand in 2009. We evolved from template based websites to custom websites serving direct clients to now providing custom web and marketing solutions to larger B2B agencies.
We stay ahead of the curve by properly applying the latest technology to the business logic with strategical project management behind every step of the way. Our management is well versed in both the business needs of the client as well as the technical requirements in achieving those goals, and we hire only the best developers.

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Meet the Team

Yan S. Huang

Award winning marketing director

Yan has 15 years of experience creating and marketing websites. He built his first website in HTML at age 9. In high school, his passion lead him to creating and marketing a Dragon Ball Z fansite that recieved over 10,000 visitors per day and became so popular, FUNimation, the series license owners, contacted Yan directly to help promote their show! He has worked 25+ jobs in advertising, marketing, web development and web hosting before starting his own company.

He has worked with Inc. 500 and Fortune 500 companies. He has been a panel speaker at YPO and a speaker at Pasadena City College on Internet marketing. Yan holds a Bachelors in Business Administration from Ashford University. He also holds a Google AdWords Qualified Individual Certification for Search Advertising.

Anthony Gracey-Wright

Award winning creative director

Anthony has 15 years of experience designing and creating interactive experiences for the web. He has worked with some of the top creative agencies in the nation. He has numerous awards and recognitions for his work including the prestigious Webby Award and W3 Award—twice.

Andy Laws

Search Marketing Manager

Raymond M.

Sr. Web Developer

David E.

Web Developer

Jordan B.

Social Media Intern